MELISA ĆUK, owner of the massage saloon Belezza in Tuzla

Upon the completion of Medical High School, for physical-therapist, Melisa Ćuk got her first working experience in Germany working as physical-therapist. Once she returned to biH she worked in private and public institutions, and as a physical-therapist of women basketball representation. In 2009 she decides to make a first step towards fulfilment of the long-time dream – to open her own massage saloon. She found ideal premises, which she renovated and equipped, and in April 2010 she opened Massage saloon 'Belezza'. All of this Melisa Ćuk provided with her first loan.

Services provided in the initial stage of her own business were based on massages: relax, sport, therapeutic, aroma, massage with hot stones, etc. In the following year 'Belezza' had over 1500 clients.

In February 2011, Melisa establishes cooperation with Belgrade based ordination 'Holitmed', as their expert associate for tests for food intolerance.

When asked on the advantages of running the own business and what is needed for success, Melisa answers: 'Independent creation of working environment, self-confidence, constant learning and enhancement of knowledge and skills, clearly set goals, reasonable risking and persistent work'.

Young entrepreneur Melisa Ćuk has clearly set goals for future: broadening of service portfolio, employment and education of young people, purchase of modern equipment and all in order to eventually become an owner of contemporary spa and massage centre.