Nirvana Ademović, Gradačac, dough production

In 2003, Nirvana Ademović from Gradačac started her she would say „difficult“ but still „nice“ road of dough production. „At that time nothing similar existed in Gradacac, and that gave wind to my wings“ says Nirvana at the beginning of her story. She did not have necessary professional knowledge, but she had strong will. She started with the production of baked and dried dough made of wholegrain and ordinary wheat flour. First tree months Nirvana worked only on building of the capacity of the quality of the products and production process, without any sale. And she was doing it by herself, without additional help.
In that period she established her business „Nirvana“. Then she started a struggle to identify her market, present her products and keeping her acquired clients. But Nirvana Ademović did not stop there.
Two years after initiating business. She started with the production of dough made of wholegrain flour with the bran, usually produced from the wholegrain flour. „Today people pay more attention to the health, and I was just following the trends.“
Nirvana's products are present almost in all shopping centres in Gradacac municipality, but also at the markets in other municipalities. „Currently in the whole process I am getting help by one employee, but if my plans realize, there will be more of us“, says Nirvana with the smile on her face while she is explaining that she does not want to discuss her concrete plans yet, as she is researching market.
For eight years of running her own business, Nirvana developed her own entrepreneurship and she knows that besides the financial investment (such as MI-BOSPO loans which she invested in business; first to purchase machine for packaging dough into plastic), you need to constantly learn and enhance. That is the reason why she became a member of the Women in Business Network, from which she expects help in getting to new markets as well as opportunities to get knew knowledge which will help her be more successful in business.
„All of my life I was just visiting Plumb Fair in Gradacac, which broadened my views, I met potential business partners and now finally I can think of a short leave“, these are the words of Nirvana Ademović, hard-working Bosnia and Herzegovina entrepreneur, while explaining that running own business requires big sacrifice, but the effort and investment at the end is worth of everything.