Mila Zimonjić and Dragica Teodorović, Brčko, domestic products

Dragica Teodorović and Mila Zimonjić, entrepreneurs from Brčko, saw their future in the production and sale of Turkish-delights. Today, slowly but surely, they are becoming a recognized brand.

The idea was initiated by the huge energy these two entrepreneurs posses, but also by the difficulties they were facing in life. Namely, Mila already had a business in the trade but she was not seeing any challenge in that anymore, while on the other hand Dragica closed her shop for making cloths. The beginning was not easy: „We approached the idea with euphoria and very soon we brought ourselves into despair and helplessness, since we found ourselves in total chaos at the market. Now we have calmed down, we are swimming slowly and we are aware that in these difficult times we need a lot of patience and persistence to get to our goal. But all in all, we are more happy and satisfied now, and we know that we are on the good way.“
Today you can buy in numerous markets, under the brand name MILADA, Turkish-delights with flavours of rose, nuts, strawberries and rolls with coconut, of different weight.
Besides the Turkish-delights, Mila and Dragica successfully started with the production of product called „salnjak“ which is made according to the traditional recipes and with that product they acquired numerous buyers who appreciate traditional recipes.
These two women simply shine with their energy and it seems as if they could achieve anything, regardless of how many commitments and in what time period they need to fulfil. And it is almost always like that. Only occasionally they get help from their household members or they engage other workers. The two full-time employed persons besides them are sufficient for successful running of business.
„We expect a lot from Women in Business Network, in the sense of support, guidance, affirmation, presentation and even placement of everything that women–members are interested in or what they present as already running business. In any case, I believe that during this cooperation, many possibilities will be opened and that will create a need for expending of our activities, and all this with expending of the Network according to the needs and actions of its members“, emphasized Mila and Dragica.