Nermina Hodžić Mehić, Odžak, owner of the beauty saloon Top Line

One of the clients with whom MI-BOSPO has successful cooperation is Nermina Hodžić Mehić. Ms. Nermina is very successful entrepreneur, owner of the beauty saloon Top line in Odžak.

Even four years ago, Nermina bravely started her own business, even though many were trying to discourage her from such a business move, since Odžak is a small community, rather at the margins of the events, that becomes alive during summer months when numerous displaced people come to visit their relatives.
Still, today Nermina says that she does not regret anything. Impressive number of users of the Top line saloon services can testify on her success. Services offered encompass manicure, pedicure, depilation, massage, solarium, facial treatments.
Nermina's sister is also employed in the saloon, and both young women are continuously building up their knowledge and skills.
By becoming the member of the Women in Business Network, Nermina realized business cooperation with other member of the Network Melisa Ćuk and consequently was the first to offer in Odžak, and generally in Posavina test of food intolerance, and with this she appealed to the conscience of her neighbours regarding the proper nutrition and decrease of obesity.
„Thanks to the women in business network I will continue to offer our loyal clients services which were previously not available“, Nermina emphasizes.