MI-BOSPO Women in business network


With the purpose of improvement of economical situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, strengthening of market position of businesses run by women, enlargement of their results, ensuring better economic position of women entrepreneurs and their families within the society in general, MI-BOSPO decided to establish Network of women in business.
MI-BOSPO is trying to identify obstacles and difficulties that women entrepreneurs in BiH often face, and to ensure provision of the support to resolve these issues. Women in business network works on strengthening their collectiveness, economic independence and position within the society, supporting them in different non-financial services.
Women in business network will cover the area of more then 70 municipalities. Members of the network will be connected into clubs, which will be formed according to the geographic area of activity – mainly in the area of North-East BiH
Members of the Network are mainly MI-BOSPO clients: women entrepreneurs who are leading companies, their own small activities which create income, run their micro-businesses, actively participate in family businesses.
Activities of MI-BOSPO Women in business network target organisation of activities from the areas, which are identified as obstacles in growth, development, of businesses, in order to eliminate them:

  • Education and enhancement of business skills, organisation of courses, trainings for different types and levels of business development;
  • Support in self-organisation in order to create netter conditions of disbursement of their products at the market:
    • Improvement of market connections
    • Exchange of experience with other members of the Network – learning through examples
    • Networking, in the existing cooperatives/associations or establishment of the new ones
    • Improvement of the access to the information for better positioning of businesses they are running
  • Improvement of possibilities for access and better utilisation of financial services
  • Lobbying for better conditions for business at the local and higher levels of regulative

Once the Network of women is established, in its second year of work, MI-BOSPO will broaden membership to women who are not necessarily MI-BOSPO clients.

MI BOSPO Women in business network is one of many projects of assistance, which is implemented with the support of American people, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Project is financed with 1.5 million USD, and is intended for support to women entrepreneurs. MI-BOSPO participates in financing of the activity with 10% of additional means.
If you wish to join us, contact the nearest MI-BOSPO office where you will get all necessary information.